Services & Rates

Image credit: satit srihin60 min. Hot Stone Massage  ::  $80
90 min. Hot Stone Massage  ::  $115
30 min. Therapeutic Massage  ::  $35
60 min. Therapeutic Massage  ::  $70
90 min. Therapeutic Massage  ::  $100
30 min. Reiki Bodywork  ::  $35
45 min. Reiki Bodywork  ::  $50
30 min. Prenatal Massage  ::  $35
60 min. Prenatal Massage  ::  $70
90 min. Prenatal Massage  ::  $100
Cesarean Recovery Session  ::  $70
Surgery Recovery Massage :: $50
2 hr. On-site Chair Massage  ::  $175
Add-ons  / Create-Your-Own-Session ::  $15 – $20 ea.

Hot Stone Massage

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A tension melting massage that’s perfect for winter or any time you want deep relaxation and loose muscles. Exotic Basalt stones are heated to 120 degrees and massaged all over the body with organic aromatic oils. Reduces muscular tension, reduces restrictions, improves circulation, improves immunity, and warms up the whole body. Many report feeling like warm melted butter afterwards! Pressure ranges from very light to deep.

Therapeutic Massage

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Whether you want to relax, relieve muscle tension and pain, prepare for a sports event, or simply pamper yourself, Therapeutic Massage is tailored to your individual goals and needs. A combination of Swedish Massage, Structural Bodywork, Russian Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, and Trigger Point Therapy are used to bring about relaxation and decrease muscle tension.

Reiki Bodywork

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Reiki uses Universal Life Force Energy to awaken the body’s natural ability to heal itself and balance the mind, body, and spirit. Pressure is very light and clothes are left on. Available in 30 and 45 minute sessions.

Prenatal Massage (Pregnancy Massage)

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Prenatal Massage provides caring support for mother and baby’s well-being during their important time of growth and transformation. Massage promotes the health of mother and baby by helping mood, sleep, alignment, posture, gait, swollen ankles/feet, back pain, headaches, and other aches and pains faced during pregnancy. Cesarean Recovery Sessions are also available to help you recover after your baby is born. (For more information about Cesarean Recovery Sessions offered by Mariah at Womb for Growth Chiropractic & Fertility Care please visit or call (970)224-2912.)

Surgery Recovery Massage

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Organic Scar Oil coupled with Advanced Massage & Myofacial Techniques are used to speed recovery time and reduce residual pain after surgery. Whether it’s been 10 days or 10+ years since your surgery, this session is designed to help reduce the appearance of scars, break-up adhesions, decrease restrictions, and improve range of motion.

On-Site Chair Massage

Throwing a party? Holding an upscale event? Lavishly treat your guests to a Chair Massage they won’t easily forget! Want to improve employee moral and performance? Want to save time and be more efficient by having less employees take sick days? Get Chair Massage for your office!

Session Add-ons / Create Your Own Session!

Organic Back ScrubAdd-on one or add them all! Make your session unique by selecting from our extensive list of Add-ons and add 1 or more to any massage or bodywork appointment. Or let your creativity flow and create a personalized 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minute session by scheduling 2 – 6 Add-ons in a row! It’s a lot of fun, try it! Choose from:
Organic Foot or Hand Scrub add-on
Organic Back Scrub add-on
Reflexology 15 min. add-on
Reiki Bodywork 15 min. add-on

Shiatsu Bodywork 15 min. add-on
Acupressure Point Bodywork 15 min. add-on
Craniosacral Therapy 15 min. add-on
Facial Rejuvenation Massage or Organic Scrub 15 min. add-on