Why Board Certified Practitioners?


“What’s the most important reason to choose a NCBTMB board certified professional? You are.

Whether you’re visiting a massage therapist or bodyworker for relaxation, rehabilitation or rejuvenation, you deserve to be treated by a practitioner who is skilled, knowledgeable, and committed to excellence in their chosen profession. That’s what the NCBTMB credential stands for – a commitment to excellence.

Board Certified Therapists Meet Rigorous Qualifications

When you choose a board certified practitioner, you can be confident you’ve selected a dedicated professional. To become nationally board certified, a practitioner must demonstrate mastery of core skills and knowledge related to their profession, pass an NCBTMB standardized exam, uphold the organization’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, and take part in continued education to ensure they remain at the top of their profession.

Today, there are nearly 80,000 board certified practitioners nationwide – and you can find them throughout the country in physicians’ offices, private practices, spas, rehab facilities, health clubs and hospitals.”

– quoted from NCBTMB.org, please visit online!

Did you know that Licensed/Registered Massage Therapists in Colorado are not required to take continuing education and that the majority of them are not Board Certified? Board Certification is voluntary and requires extra coursework and commitment to qualify for, at least 750 hours of training total, whereas state licensing only requires 500 hours. I’m proud to say I’ve completed over 1046 hours of training through my commitment to providing excellent services, over-qualifying me for Board Certification. I want you to make informed decisions about who you choose as your Massage Therapist, we’re not all made the same!

In Wellness & Joy,
Mariah Brooks, LMT, BCTMB